Monday, 19 September 2011

Yo Ho Ho, Avast and Ahoy!

Arrhhh it be national speaks like a pirate day me hearties, shiver me timbers and rattle me bones and here I be celebrating all tyrannies across the seven seas.

Ode Ye Pyrates Be Warned

Tis a day to remember the fallen brethren,
Hats off to Bartholomew Roberts, got it in the neck and drank only tea.

And to Teach, let us nay forget his black cruelty and his Revenge's demise to the sea.
A mind if you will for old Henry Morgan, a privateer but blaggard still,
Pickled in rum and as dead as they come - a toast for these men if you will.

Drink to the noose, and wenches and gold,
Drink for the wretches of sea,
Yo ho ye dogs, a pox on those,
Who make to steal our liberty.
Drink for England, Bonny and Read,
Drink for Kidd and Low,
Drink for the Rum, toast the cannon,
Drink up me hearties yo ho.

With it being national speak like a pirate day, I will be drinking nothing but rum, wearing my pirate boots and coat - it may look a bit strange in my office but I'm sure the sword will come in handy. I love pirates and romance of sailing the ocean hundreds of years ago, but also swashbuckling, treasure hunting and general evil doing all of which culminated into a book of pure piratical adventure. If you're celebrating piracy today download a free copy of Dark Waters land lubbers and live an evening on the ocean.

Blast, hell and bones, these be good coves of piracy

  • Flogging Molly and/or the Tossers - The soundtracks to my book - proper pirate jigging for the car or office.
  • The Pirate Devlin and Hunt for White Gold - Mark Keating - Real piracy and none of this fantasy crap I'm trying to sell you.
  • The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Skies - Scott Lynch - Fantastic fantasy piratish adventures
  • If I Pirate I must be - Richard Saunders - so far the best pirate bio I have read.
  • The Pirate Adventure Books - If you haven't read them yet you should hand your head in shame viva la Pirate Captain
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - Yes all four of them - screw the critics - even if Will Turner gets out acted by the plank it's Captain Jack and Barbosa we're watching it for.

There you should have enough piracy for your pirate day. Don't let me down bilge drinkers (sorry I'd use words of endearment but they didn't really have them), all together now: "Heave Ho, hoist the colours high!"


Syren said...

Avast, LEF, ye've certainly got the knack for reducing this wench to shivering timbers o' laughter! Yer a right rum old sea dog, ye are.

Hats off to ye, and i wish ye joy of pillaging yer rum stores.


L E Fitzpatrick said...

May I drink a bowl of brimstone and fire with the devil if ye be wrong Syren. The words be hazy in my drunken mess - more rum I say more rum!