Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A to Z Challenge

The new book is 55,000 words in, not bad going for two months serious work. I always write the story through to the end first, being as detailed as I feel at the time of typing, which means there are some chapters full of imagery and one or two of little more than dialogue. This stage is always the hardest for me, I have ideas of what I want in my head and in this case I even wrote a plan (binned after the first week mind), but I find as I fumble my way through the chapters most of what I had in mind won't work in context of what I've already written.

This means that currently I'm on the last dance of the writing waltz: one step forward, one step back and two steps to the side. It sounds more frustrating than it actually is and in fact I prefer my books to evolve naturally, it usually means I have credible characters if they start objecting to the decisions I force them to make. As I said this is the last dance and once it's over I will have the spine to the new book, maybe even a credible title if I am lucky.
First Draft of Dark Waters: Part One (minus the blood)

The book itself is a kind of futuristic, sci-fi/fantasy adventure story. I wanted to do something a bit different from Dark Waters, when the sequel hit a brick wall, but upon reflection this new book is filled with the same dark humour and tragic, lawless characters, which probably says more about me than anything else.

I may be engrossed in the new work, but I haven't forgotten Dark Waters. With my sales soaring to 1,615 last month it's difficult to put it to one side. The feedback I have got from my debut has been great and I am really looking forward to polishing it up and maybe even doing a bit of extra work on the ending... Captain Huwzo is currently scrawling away at some new covers and I am hoping the Dark Waters Trilogy will be ready soon.

Everything in the pipeline is bubbling away excitedly and this month on the eighteenth I am featuring on the following blog with a little piece about pirates and book piracy. There's a blog for each day, all written by indie authors, so check it out and discover some indie talent. http://indiebookblogger.blogspot.co.uk/p/z-challenge-2012.html

For this week and next Dark Waters will be available for free and this will probably be the last ever promotion of the original draft. I am really eager for feedback as I tackle the re-draft and anyone that emails me (lefitzpatrick@hotmail.co.uk) their opinion/review/criticism/suggestion will get the trilogy free when it's released.

You know what they say all work and no play keeps me out of mischief so I should press on (breaking only briefly for the Pirates Adventure with Scientists - awesome book, fingers crossed for the film!).

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