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A Bloody Bloody Mess In The Wild Wild West - Justin Bienvenue

Evening guys and girls. It's Sunday night, which means I sober enough to post something that won't get me arrested and thanks to our author this evening Master Justin Bienvenue I have just the thing to finish the week off. So here's a little extract from A Bloody Bloody Mess in the Wild Wild West ...

A Bloody Bloody Mess in the Wild Wild West (Extract)  - Justin Bienvenue 

Jones had come from California a few weeks prior and figured going into Mexico and stealing a few thousand would be easy, but he underestimated it dearly. He settled into town so the folks would grow accustomed to him. 

“Ah, Javier my friend what brings you down today?” the teller asked. 
“Sorry to say amigo but I’m going to have to ask you to give me all the money you got stored back there and kindly hand it over or Im gonna have to put a bullet in that head of yours,” Javier politely responded. 

“Javier, I don’t understand. Why are you doing this?” 

“Oh, save me the sappy crap,” he said. “I came to this god forsaken shithole for one reason only to make right of what’s mine. You thought I was righteous, did ya? Sorry to break it to ya but I’m as bad as they come. Now I’m giving you a chance amigo, hand over the money or Im gonna kill you where you stand.” 

Just as Javier was making his threat, two law men walk in from behind, only to notice Javier sticking the place up. The teller looked past Javier and over by the lawmen but Javier sees his glance and turns around to see the men. 

“Ah, gentlemen, I was just making a quick transaction. I don’t suppose you’re here to stop me?” Javier asks. 

“Don’t you move you son of a bitch! I had a feeling about you since you came into town. My suspicions were right. Now slide the gun over and step away,” the first lawmen said. 

“Do what they ask, Javier. Please!” said the teller. 

“Here’s the problem guys. I don’t have me any money yet and you two are in my way.” 

“Drop the damn gun Jones or we’re gonna shoot you dead!” 

Jones, while still pointing the gun at the teller, reached in with his other hand to pull out his .45 caliber and shot both men. Then he shot the teller in the head before going behind the booth to avoid getting shot himself. “Shit! I’ve been shot.” One of the law men exclaims in pain. 

“Bastard had another gun...shit…he killed the teller,” he adds. 

“Jones now you got blood on your hands so if you take that money, you’re gonna have two charges on you. Just surrender before this gets ugly.” 

“This coming from two guys with holes in their stomachs and not much time to live. I hardly think you’re gonna make me do a damn thing,” he says back. Jones then goes into the back room and fills his bag with money. He then slides back under the booth and looks around to the two men. 

“I got the money, now you two are gonna end up dead, unfortunately, unless you let me walk.” 

“Jones, we ain’t letting you leave with that money.” Before either of the men could say another word, Jones leaps onto the wood counter with both guns drawn and fires a few more shots into their stomachs. Unable to react, both men are finished off and collapse to the floor from their knees. He puts one of his guns back into its holster and picks up the bag of money with his now empty hand. “You damn fools. I told you I was leaving with my money and a couple killings,” Jones says as he laughs. “Well that’s what I call a fine bonus.”

“If your drunk I suggest you lay off the bottle a while cause we need everyone alert” -Emerson Shaw

“If you love to kill and can do it as well as I can, then what better way to raise hell?” -Javier “Bones” Jones

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Justin has also given me an article with tips on self-publishing so if you like what you read here keep posted.

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