Monday, 30 September 2013

Called to Belong - A M Winters

I am extremely pleased tonight to post an extract from A M Winters who I have had great fun working with. Here's an extract from the first book of her Legoria Series, Called to Belong.

Called to Belong (Extract) - A M Winters
Alessandra bowed her head when Antuan said to her, “Now, do it now,” before withdrawing into the trees with the men.
Hope’s voice was tired when she asked, “Do what?”
“I need to teach you to call forth fire.”
“Why now?  I don’t understand.  After all that happened, can’t we just take a moment to regroup?  Do we have to do it right now?  I am so tired.”
“I’m sorry to press you.  I wish it could be different, but don’t you see?  Every moment we do nothing, more people suffer and die.  We are less than an hour away from the city.  We need you to start a fire by magic means so that the suspicion between the wizards can be set off.  We need to make Broderich think that Heimrich is sabotaging his army.  We need to add fuel to their animosity against each other.”
“Yes, you are right.  Of course you are right.  It is just so hard, but after last night … I will do anything to stop them.  Teach me.  What do I do to make fire?”
“Calling fire is one of the most basic skills and not complicated to do if you have abilities.  You should be able to master it.  It is elemental magic and you can call on the energy around you to strengthen your own. 
“Start by going into a meditative state just as we did last night.  Breathe deeply.  Calmness in, tension out.  Calmness in, tension out.  Picture fire in you mind.  See the flames, feel the heat, listen to the sounds, smell the smoke.  It is just you and the fire, nothing else exists.
“Feel the fire in your gut, move it up to your shoulders and then down your arm into your fingertips.  Send it into the grass over there.”
As Hope concentrated, she felt a warm tingling in her stomach area and focused on sending it down her arm and into the grass.  Nothing happened.
“You have to be confident in your belief that you can do it.  Don’t question or analyse it.  It’s like breathing or moving your arms, you just do it because you know you can.  The energy will follow your intention.  Make your intention clear.”
Hope slowed her breathing down and pictured flames.  As it danced in her mind’s eye and the tingling started, she firmly took hold of it and directed it down her arm.  With a small gesture of her fingers she flicked it into the grass and smiled widely as a small flame appeared.
She hugged Alessandra tightly, exclaiming, “I can do it!  I can actually do it!”

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