Thursday, 26 September 2013

Poetry Extracts featured on the BBC - Dominae Primus

So tonight I'm featuring, for the second time, extracts from Dom a.k.a Dominae Primus which have previously been listed at BBC portal... which is fitting since I'm watching BBC 2 as I type... 

A Glance at Time by Dom

What is this fleeting moment?
An hourglass filled with cascading sand
Passes us in joy or lament
While we compelled or by own choosing attend

The Archer by Dom

The Archer pulls his bowstring
Yonder what lies in hiding
One shot hits its target true
Hinders doubts which worries spew

For My Friends by Dom

Courtesy in deeds driven
Ev'ry gesture plays a part
Fair regard gladly given
Fondness well planted in heart

Ye fair rovers in life
torches glow and fires swell
upon the reach of warm hive
We wish thee "all be well"

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And for anyone that enjoyed the first chapter of The Running Game, I'll be posting chapter two very, very soon...

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