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The Observer Series – World of Fives by Phillip G Henley

It's a Tuesday night, the wind is blowing like something out of a bad disaster movie and I'm tucked up in bed - one eyed diabetic cat curled up on my feet. And from this corner of Autumnal luxury... wait I forgot the cup of tea - Also with a cup of tea perched on the bedside table... from this improved corner of Autumnal luxury I bring you another indie sample to get your literary teeth stuck into.
So drum roll please... your author tonight is Phillip G Henley and a little WIP project of his called The Observer Series - World of Fives.

 Mission Report
<<Comms Transmission SGRINC67564 - 3678-12-23-1838:25.01 burst Key XGDES2056Blowfish#@GEOSURVEYS
Data Load: 18Tb compressed.
Survey inspection methodology: x25-theta.  
Mission: 278934612d: Report 234985: Comment: Better than c was!
Reporting Officer: SenGeo Rodriguez in Command Survey Ship Theta-Carmalite.  In command.  I’m the only person on-board and its high time I was upgraded!  The ship creeks.
Sector: Kappa 456 Segment Tau 235 sub-segment four.  Next door to three
Mission Objectives: Observe Only, no interaction, no communication.  Never any fun these days.

Earth distance: 2081LY.  A long way from home.
Mission Date: 3678-12-23.  Nearly Christmas, how about a new ship for me?  Nice present.
Population:  Report 234986: Comment: Main humanoid species bipedal approximately one billion persons, unable to verify on local census system due to security barriers.  Unencrypted open radio communications, closed fibre based IT networks, microwaves.  Some fossil fuel use rapidly replaced by fusion provided electric power.  No military evident, near dictatorship government, stringent population control applied - too late food shortages likely.  Think China circa 21st century.  Some remaining religion, with varying belief systems one group worships the moons.  Government is technocrat in nature.  Space exploration at solar system stage, monitoring, weather, communications and new solar power testing.  Severe disruption to all orbiting systems due with convergence.
Secondary population large highly intelligent ocean borne predator.  Think clever shark, called translationSHAROK, crossed with a big whale.  Detectors show very deep dwelling, these seas are deep but they come right up to surface for birds and other surface prey including attacking surface ships and humanoids.  It’s mainly the Sharok’s planet but no tech.
The place is nearly all ocean so lots of fish, some birds, few reptiles although the Sharok has more reptilian traits and biology as far as I can tell.  Very  limited mammals, probably due to landmass restriction, humanoid development hunted many species as fishing is dangerous.  Near earth like atmosphere, maybe I should visit?  Just kidding.  
Gravity on main planet fractionally higher than Earth OK 1.021% as if it really matters.
Other observations as I go along.
Language:  Report 234987: Comment: Single language in use with some island specific local dialects.  Linguistic  analysis indicates translator able to cope.  Patched into their comms circuits listening to impending preparations for disaster.  Have CCTV from inside one main control room.  Language is very blunt and not a huge vocab’.

Numbers: Report 234988: Comment:  They love their fives.  They use Base 5 really confusing and the translator doesn’t always cope - so 11 = 6 in Base ten decimal notation.  26 is 101 and 126 is 1001.  Kilo and mega are used as well but their meanings are different kilo is a block of five digits, which is 10000 or 625 in decimal, 5 raised to the power of four.  A mega is 5 raised to the power of 9 which is 1,953,125 in decimal or 10000 00000 in base five and two blocks of five digits.  So a number expressed as 1m3  is 13000 00000 base five in long hand and equals 3.125 million decimal.  Confused?  So am I.
Time: Report 234989: Comment: There is 25 (decimal 100 base 5) hour day in five sections Sec 10:00 is sec-two but 10:00 would be written as 20 in Base five so 11 O’clock is 21 in base five and sec-two-one in speech.  In actual elapsed time the 24 hour day is roughly equivalent to an earth 22 hours relative time which is the spin rate of the planet on its axis.  The year lasts 624, in decimal, days approximately with a leap year needed every fifth year, (4444 base five).  This constitutes a complete solar orbit.  The year is split into five seasons (444 base five) and each season five weeks of five days.
Because the population live around the equator and there is only a minor 0.25 degree axis tilt there are in decimal 11 hours of daylight and night with an approximate one hour period at each end to cover twilight and dawn.
Sun - System Planets: Report 234990: Comment: Their Sol is approx 10% larger than ours but same G2V Type. There are five planets plus an asteroid belt between the two gas giants.

Report 234991: Comment: Singur is a small hot planet orbiting closest to the sun.  It has an elliptical orbit does not rotate and no moons.  Their Space probes have discovered a very strong magnetic field often seen with large solar flares bending towards the planet. 
Report 234992: Comment: Belgur is similar to Fivur in size, but very hot.  It has one small moon, their recent probe landings have discovered similar soil to Fivur but no liquid and a very thin atmosphere of mixed carbon with very little oxygen and no nitrogen.  Despite the hopes of their mystery writers and some scientists no life exists.  It doesn’t, I checked.
Report 234993: Comment: Effectively 95% of Fivur is water covered, including the two frozen Polar regions.  Five Islands are spread around the equator where the population lives.  The average temperature rarely varies in the region  Fivur’s climate for the population is tropical.  There are two polar ice caps and the magnetic field for north and south is weak.  East and west are not used, spinward and antispinward are the terms respectively for towards sunrise and sunset although on Fivur the directions are reversed compared to Earth.  On Earth when facing north, east (spinward) is on your right.  On Fivur when facing north, spinward (east) is to the left.  There is a major dispute about Fivur’s origins mixed in with a similar dispute over Xynor’s origins.  Most of their scientists now seem to believe that Xynor was originally another planet when the system developed in the mega mega years after the big bang but it was captured by Fivur’s gravitational field or collided with another moon/planet/comet.  Who knows/cares?  They have bigger problems to worry about.  Is that why this sector was on my list because of the convergence of the moons on the major planet or is that just coincidence?
Report 234993: Comment: Capsur is the first of two gas giants .  It has four close moons and a multi strand ring, it is a long way out from the sun’s orbit.  Xynor’s elliptical orbit as a moon of Fivur almost reaches the planet’s orbit, which is very slow.  Excellent refuelling base, easy Hydrogen and Helium capture.  Tanks full and raring to go.
Report 234994: Comment: Plenur is a massive gas giant planet with eight (decimal) moons.  It is unusual in that it’s distance from the sun is much greater than most gas giants.  Orbit is even slower than that of Capsur.  Boring but lots of gas.
Fivur Moons
Report 234995: Comment: Xynor, main current problem, highly elliptical approaching perigee, according to monitored comms causing the problems. With a bit of a nudge if I had the equipment I could put it into a sun orbit and stop this?  Slaynor - dense iron core upsetting their comms and my scanners five year orbit and will reach perigee with Xynor, understand the problem now. Trebnor - dull, Hasnor - duller, Gianor really quick almost caught one of my probes out.
Ship Status
Report 234995: Comment:  Orbiting clear of impending issues. Bored unless you let me do something save some humanoid lives, give them hope - they are nearly there.  A couple more steps on fusion path and they’ll be out here.  Fusion Shift research in early stages, but they could get breakthrough for sub-fusion drive and hypercoms at any stage.  Several researchers are in that field.  Fusion power driving development, evidence of dimensional research, maybe twenty years from breakthrough if this convergence as they call it doesn’t destroy them.
Recommendations - Let me HELP them before they are relegated back to the stone age by the moon convergence
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<<Comms Transmission SGRINC67564 - 3678-12-23-1838:26.15 burst Key XGDES2056Blowfish#@GEOSURVEYS
Data Load: <1kb compressed.
Survey inspection methodology: x25-theta.  
Mission: 278934612d: Report 234985: Accepted receipt
Reporting Officer: GenGeo Ixlyztch Sector Command. NO
Comms Transmission SGRINC67564 - 3678-12-23-1838:25.16 burst Key XGDES2056Blowfish#@GEOSURVEYS>>

<<Comms Transmission SGRINC67564 - 3678-12-23-1838:27.00 burst Key XGDES2056Blowfish#@GEOSURVEYS
Data Load: <1kb compressed.
Survey inspection methodology: x25-theta.  

Mission: 278934612d: Request 100034:
Reporting Officer: SenGeo Rodriguez in Command Survey Ship Theta-Carmalite. PLEASE, let me DO something!
Comms Transmission SGRINC67564 - 3678-12-23-1838:27.10 burst Key XGDES2056Blowfish#@GEOSURVEYS>>

<<Comms Transmission SGRINC67564 - 3678-12-23-1838:28.00 burst Key XGDES2056Blowfish#@GEOSURVEYS
Data Load: <1kb compressed.
Survey inspection methodology: x25-theta.  
Mission: 278934612d: Request 100034: Pending
Reporting Officer: GenGeo Ixlyztch Sector Command. Will advise, No change in mission
Comms Transmission SGRINC67564 - 3678-12-23-1838:29.42 burst Key XGDES2056Blowfish#@GEOSURVEYS>>
Other titles by Phillip G Henley - The Persuasive Man, To The Survivors and An Agent's Demise available to buy from Amazon and Lulu find out more: http://phenweb.wordpress.com/about/

Right cup of tea is now cold and half empty ... or full depending on your mood. And maybe, just maybe if the Autumnal setting is just right the next post might be my new chapter... cue dramatic music.

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