Monday, 25 November 2013

That Part Where - Book Promotion

On my quest to promote my book I came across a blog site called That Part Where which encourages authors to post exclusive extracts on their blog. This is a great idea and the guys at That Part Where are really friendly and their site looks awesome. They kindly posted a chapter from The Running Game, which has been a big help and if you're a budding new author, or even a disheartened old one you might be interested in what they offer and so Ben from That Part Where has sent me some info over for you guys to read...

Hello, good readers of Limelight. My name is Benjamin Wallace and L.E. was kind enough to invite me here to tell you about a book promotion site called That Part Where.

First of all, I’m an author as well. I’ve been publishing and promoting my own work day and night for the last three years. You do anything for that long and you’re going to develop some pet peeves. I’m a generally grumpy person so I developed mine quickly.

The biggest peeve I’ve developed was promoting my work on price. I know my work is worth more than free and I’m sure yours is, too.

I decided I wanted to promote my books based on the stories inside instead of price. It may seem a departure from the popular “give your book away” method, but we created That Part Where because we wanted to do things differently.

Instead of price, That Part Where focuses on a book’s story by allowing the author to share a sample. It’s any scene that would make a fan ask, “remember that part where..?” when gushing over the book with a friend.

The other thing that bothers me about price promotions is their short-term effect. Sales over time, not a single spike, are most effective at raising rank and visibility on Amazon. We want to make the posts at That Part Where effective over time. When an author posts with TPW, we create a custom ad based on the scene they provide. The author can use this ad to promote the feature anywhere they choose, but we will also include it in our online campaign for 30 days to help drive traffic to the author’s post.

I always hated seeing my book posted to the top of a blog only to watch it drop in relevance later in the day. We want to drive traffic to your post for much longer than that flash in the pan.

Finally, we’re indie authors ourselves so we’ve priced our services for indies. It’s only $10 to post on That Part Where. That includes the custom ad and 30 days in our online campaign.

That’s it. You wrote a story, not a book. Books are cheap. Books go on sale all the time. But a story is timeless and should be treated accordingly.

Thanks again, L.E., for letting me prattle on here. And thank you to your readers for hearing me out. I’m hoping that with all our your help we can eliminate my pet peeve. Then I’ll get another one, I’m sure.
Please check out for more information. We hope to see your book there soon.



Stay tuned for more successful promotional experiments....

Are you a publisher/author/agent/promoter? Does your life revolve around books? If so let me know and I'll post your work in the Limelight.


H.M. Jones said...

I'd love to be a part of this. It's a great idea. Where should I send the information?

L E Fitzpatrick said...

Use this link:

This should have everything you need.