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The Zombie Cowboy Two-Step - Jeanette Raleigh

Since it's Christmas - officially for me, work is over, wine is opened and the Lego is already out! - I wanted to do a special post, or rather post something special.

I've worked with some great authors throughout the year and some great authors have worked with me. Today I'm featuring Jeanette Raleigh who beta read The Running Game for me and from her comments inspired me to put out the short story Safe Haven. Every so often you come across authors on "your wave length" and Jeanette is certainly one of them.

Some of you may have read my Dark Waters series which is effectively zombies vs pirates and you couldn't believe how happy I was to come across Jeanette's work - zombies vs cowboys!

So Merry Christmas everyone here is your last December author Jeanette Raleigh and her book The Zombie Cowboy Two-Step...

The Zombie Cowboy Two-Step (Excerpt) - Jeanette Raleigh

Wyatt stared at his whisky once more before tipping it back. Boy would he be drunk by the time he was done with this story. Maybe even drunk enough to play the fool and hunt the Clayton gang tonight. A man would need a lot of whisky to go playin’ with the walking dead.

“The night was miserable. By the time dark was at its deepest, the fighting had passed us by. The fields were littered with screaming men. The smell, it was like walking past the butcher’s shop but these weren’t no cows. And I shook so hard my teeth rattled, even soaked as I was in sweat. Longest night of my life.”

The saloon took on that eerie quiet feel a place has when something too big for words is happening. Not the smallest whisper crossed between the men. Not the scuffle of a boot nor the clanging of a glass.

“The next morning I watched a shell of the fellow get up. His eyes,” Wyatt stared into the distance before swigging the last of his whisky. “The feller was dead and his eyes were empty, like they was starin’ but not at anything in this world. Well, this feller picked up his rifle and walked down the ridge just like he planned to rejoin the fight.”

“Did he?” Jake hovered at the bar, waiting for the story’s end.

“Nah, he found a corpse and started gnawing on it.”

Missy laughed then, bright and explosive and waved a hand in front of her face to pull in air. “Whooo, Wyatt, you had me going there for a while. Dead man picked up his rifle and went gnawing at the other men like a rat. I thought you were going to tell a real honest war story. That’s some tall tale.”

Nervous laughter broke out as the miners turned away from Wyatt and went back to their drinking.

But Wyatt never finished what he had to say. That boy on the battlefield wore a hole the size of an apple where his heart should have been. No one walked away from a wound like that. And even now, on moonless nights, Wyatt woke in a cold sweat from dreaming about that boy’s eyes and the sounds of slurping when he bent over another dead soldier.

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Well guys - thanks to everyone who has tuned in this year so far, bottles of wine dependent I might try and get one more post in before the new year but in case I don't have a great seasonal holiday if you get one and have a great winter period if you don't.

And remember if you want a spot in the Limelight let me know at especially if you have a story about zombies vs ninjas!

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