Wednesday, 7 May 2014

So you want to publish your book

So you want to publish your book. First off I'm going to assume you've actually written your book. If you haven't well you better get on with it. Go on. Okay so now you've written your book and you want to publish it. It's time to ask yourself why the hell would you want to go and do a crazy thing like that?

Self-publishing has never been easier, but also has never been more traumatic. Back in the olden days a self-published author's biggest worry was being ripped off by a vanity press. But sites like Amazon and Smashwords have covered that pitfall leaving us indies to just worry about having our hearts ripped out by internet trawlers, disgruntled readers and (sad but true) other authors.

It's a scathing, bitter ocean out there and you are going to push your precious story adrift... Will it sink or swim? Well if I knew the answer to that I'd be charging you for this advice.

The truth is there is no way of knowing what will happen when you publish. You may be sucessful you - might not. What I can say for certain is if you are really wanting to do this you need a thick skin, faith in your work and most of all ambition to keep writing whatever happens.

So this year I will be releasing book number 5 and documenting the hair pulling stages of getting my work across the world and hopefully giving some tips top... More of a do as I say not as I do.

The first process is obviously writing your story. Done that now? Good... Only you haven't really. Sorry. Putting that final full stop is just the first draft. My work takes at least three drafts before it's ready, some people even more. I'm on draft 4 of the new book. Nearly done but everything has to be perfect so back we go again, polish in hand. Get to work we'll meet back here when we're done.

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