Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Booktrope Announcement

I am very pleased to announce that The Running Game has been picked up by publishers Booktrope.

This is an absolute dream come true, especially as I work on book 3 in the series. Of course now it means that this old veteran of indie publishing goes back to being a newbie author and that's taking some getting used to I can tell you.

I've been very neglectful of this blog, mainly because I've been working incredibly hard - and thankfully not without reward - to get The Running Game noticed. It now has over 50 reviews on Goodreads all of which are good - phew! - and sells modestly. It is a piece of work that a publisher is willing to take a risk on and did I mention it's well written?

I started my self-publishing journey a long time ago and it seems that maybe it has come to an end. Although everything I have done since I published Dark Waters back in 2011 has been for this moment, it feels like the end of an era. But as sad as I am to wave bye bye to my indie days, the future is looking sparkly and I'm feeling geared for action.

So a little bit about Booktrope. I heard about them from a group of authors and thought - hell why not let's give them a try. I submitted my manuscript and they have a much faster turnaround than most publishers. It took about two months and then I got an email. Unfortunately for me I happened to delete that email without reading it - duh. Luckily for me they chased me up for a response and the rest is history. Actually the rest is present and happening at the moment but you know what I mean.

I researched Booktrope when I got my contract through because I was naturally worried that I might be inadvertently selling my soul and I found so much good press I think they may own the internet. The people there are all very nice - like super nice - possibly alien invasion nice.... okay you got me I sound unreasonable apprehensive because I am. I've been aiming for this for so long I'd almost accepted it was a pipe dream and now it's not. It's very real, very happening and I'm very much out of my depth. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

The next step is to find an editor. It's a bit like finding Nemo at the moment - lots of fish how do I tell which one is mine? Thankfully there are a lot of good authors out there pointing me in the right direction. And ha! We now have our theme - good author buddies when you are writing are essential and I wouldn't have made it this far without them. Or something about fish - figure that one out yourselves.

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