Thursday, 9 July 2015

Fantastic Mr Fox

Your feet pound against the grass and dirt. A blinding sun blocks off the horizon in a haze of white. You're running, you can't stop running. The barking behind you is getting louder. And your body aches, your legs burn with the effort. You're not going to make it. But you have to. There's a family to consider. Four lives reliant on your return. A horn sounds in the distance. The barking echoing in every direction. They're ahead of you now. There's no where to run. No where to go. It's over.

You don't notice the first bite, the adrenaline is too strong, but as jaws clamp on your neck you realise the darkness is slow approaching. Tossed from jaw to jaw, teeth tearing, skin ripping. All you hear is your own heartbeat. All you feel is the searing pain as they shred your stomach open. Then all you see is darkness. 

It took an hour and fifteen minutes to kill you. But it will take days for your children to starve to death.

Vote to keep the ban on fox hunting and prevent unnecessary cruelty to British wildlife.

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